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ANYTOWNER'S EYE WITNESS!!! Memories of some folks that witnessed the events that changed Halloween forever in Anytown 1978! Meet Meet DeeZee , DJ at the party and Radio Host

"What it is ! Yeah man, I was hired by some happenin chick named Nicely to Dj a halloween party up in that old house on the hill. I was like , cool, I needed the extra cash so I did it. It was really swingin . Played some live tunes and started to get hungry. The spread didn't look appetizing so I passed when I saw the Mayor spitting out spiders . YUK! All of a sudden , I heard a creepy howl and three dudes that looked like monsters crashed the party man!! People were running all over the place. Some cat even jumped off the balcony and swung off the chandelier like Tarzan to get away, it was wild! Messed up my equipment and everything. But everything worked out alright. Later on, that nice Godmama lady threw a real jamming party and yours truly played the tunes again. "

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