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Art Director 


Left my animation career to pursue other modes of expression, mainly drawing, painting and writing.  Born 1937, Toronto, Canada - Canadian citizen. Worked and lived in the US since 1981. Also lived in England, Israel, Manila and Seoul.  Created and produced animated inserts for Sesame St. and other educational TV. Also worked with Disney Studios  and MARVEL Productions on Casper, G.I. Joe, My Little Pony, etc. until 1992. Awarded Best Computer Animated Music Video by Billboard Magazine for Atomic Dog, (George Clinton & the Funkadelics).  Finally I understood that there was only one medium that encompasses and demands my creative energies in all modes combined.  Animation.  Story, picture, dialog, music and sound!  Happy to be back!  Now developing new shows with my partner, the incomparable James Cross.


As early as I can remember my imagination was filled with designing everything from cities, fabrics, tools and anything I thought could be improved upon. I was accused of daydreaming, and they were right. I was having a great time in my own mind. At the age of 79 I still love how my mind works, it has served me well. Over the years  Jon and I wrote and produced GOW, WNO, and various short animated films under the  Leach/Rankin name and it's great to see them being revised.  During my years teaching color and design at Sheridan University, my own artwork preference is multimedia. Along with our children and grandchildren, I collaborate with Jon on his stories. 


James  pours his heart out into his work and it shows in every frame. A 20 + year veteran and a student of Cal Arts Institute, James started his professional animation career at Saban Entertainment and DIC Entertainment as a development artist helping both animation studios create successful animation series and establishing himself as a talented and diverse artist. James moved over to Fox Kids where he further honed his craft, working with several distinguished veteran producers. While at Fox Kids and Warner Brothers, James developed and directed his own projects in addition to storyboarding and designing for several established brands. He's worked for many clients including the NFL (Helped in creating the NFL RUSHZONE), Mcdonalds, Scketchers, Olymics, Coleco, Sprout, Disney and ABC Mouse. He also is the creator of the preschool series, IT'S MONKEY TIME! where he produced and directed under his label, Semaj Entertainment.  James is passionate about giving back to his community by speaking to kids and helping young artists find their voice in animation.  He's also the father of four with his wonderful wife!

When does this guy sleep????   



Producer Owner &           Partner

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