ANYTOWNER'S EYE WITNESS!!! Memories of some folks that witnessed the events that changed Halloween forever in Anytown 1978! Meet Grump and date Ms. Happybreeze Tenders's teacher

Ms. Happybreeze: The Mayor was so serious delivering his speech. What leadership. What charisma!


Grump: Ahh the guys a wind bag! None of it made since. All I know is , Those two monster owe me a new pair of shoes!

Ms Happybreeze: The monsters turned out to be Rotten and Malicious.

Grump: Well then they owe me a new pair of shoes! What a messed up Halloween! All that running, I'm sweating, messed up shoes, and now the night is almost done and I gotta open the restaurant at 6am in the morning !!! Geez!!!

Ms Happybreeze: The Witch is throwing a giant after party right now. Open bar.

Grump: Let's go!