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ANYTOWNER'S EYE WITNESS!!! Memories of some folks that witnessed the events that changed Halloween forever in Anytown 1978! Meet Chattyann and Blossom

Chattyann: The heck with the monsters! Did you see that crap Malicious was trying to serve us?

Blossom : Oh my God , I wasn't going to say anything but , Eww! (giggle giggle ) I can't believe you said that on TV. (giggle).

Chattyann: I was having a good time until two people stepped all on my new shoes. I have scuff marks all over them and my dress!

Blossom: I would be so mad if that happened to me. What are you gonna do?

Chattyann: Return them to the store of course. There's a cute guy that works there and I know he digs me and it won't be a problem I assure you.


Blossom: Girllllll! Right On!

(high five)


Chattyann: This is boring and the night is young, let's hurry up and get over to the big party happening

now. I heard people are getting changed into anything they want to be.


Blossom: Woohoo, Yes! Time to boogie baby! Hey, you're kind of cute! Got a date for the party reporter man? hehehe.


Chattyann: Got an arm for two? hahahaha.

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